Book Summary: A Seven Minute Read

Fellowship With God in the Sixth Path has so much scripture, so much information, explanation, cross referencing and personal experience... that it may be difficult to see the forest for the trees... hard to see the big picture... hard to see how each of the spiritual gears function together, perfectly coordinated as a living, intimate, divine relationship between the indwelling God and His people.

So, with the supernatural power and grace of my Father, friend, creator, savior, Lord, king and judge, I will present an overview... to bring all the parts together. I cannot do this on my own... as I am, by nature, ultra-analytical-detail-obsessed. After many failed attempts to overcome my nature, please prayerfully consider this brief, chapter by chapter recap.

Chapter by Chapter Summary


My Conversion

I came to know that the Holy Spirit communicates directly into the mind supernaturally. He does this by repeating the words of Christ as Christ promised in John 14:26. In the supernatural filling by the Holy Spirit and the physical light that I saw on that night, I knew that the word of God as revealed in the Bible was infallibly true.



The promised indwelling of the Holy Spirit which occurred at Pentecost in Acts 2, in roughly 30 AD, ushered in the New Covenant age of the indwelling Holy Spirit. This replaced the Old Covenant relationship of living by written rules by human memory. Instead, the Post-Pentecost child of God enjoys a dynamic, interactive, powerful, personal, pervasive, intimate and conversational relationship with God. Many of the truths of the Old Covenant still apply, and the Holy Spirit speaks them to us. The Law of Moses, also known as the Old Covenant, does not. The scriptural proof of this is in the appendix, A3.


Fellowship With God Through Scripture

Fellowship with God depends on what happens in one particular moment... in that very second when we come into contact with the words of God. In that moment, either fellowship or solitude occurs. We will worship and obey or we will turn away. To engage in this intimate fellowship with the living God, the heart must touch what the eye cannot see. We must PRAY scripture.


As we talk to God about what God has spoken to us in His word, we enter into two way conversation with God who is within. We enter into this reality of the inner spiritual life. Our time in His written word trains us to interact continuously with Him through prayer. We learn that understanding of scripture does not come through scholarship, but through receiving understanding as we ask for it in prayer.


Supernatural communication takes place as we ask for understanding of scripture and as He grants it. In these numerous, daily answered prayers for revelation our faith grows so that we can pray many Endorsed Prayers with faith, without doubt, and thereby receive God's promised response.


As we continuously turn our spiritual attention to Him while we meditate on His written words, we learn to Turn, Turn, Turn and Behold the Lord. As we learn to Turn, Turn, Turn to Him, we begin to experience the Sixth Path, the prayer that never ends, walking by the Spirit. In the next chapter, we go deeper into the Sixth Path.


Conditions for understanding scripture are presented, from the scriptures.


The Depths of Fellowship in the Sixth Path

Here we walk by the Spirit. We have fellowship not only during our quiet times... but in all events. We have fellowship with God in every thought, word and deed as we make disciples... as we do math or  hammer nails. We learn to watch in prayer... to live the inner spiritual life with Him... to want only what He wants and receive everything that we want.


Fellowship with God is a two way conversation in the spiritual realm, as we Follow Christ, bearing His yoke in the world


Fellowship With God Through the Holy Spirit

We see the scriptural facts about tiers of authority in the spiritual realm. We see what the Holy Spirit does. We see that the Holy Spirit communicates to our minds, leads, empowers, sanctifies, etc. Once we know what the Holy Spirit does and also know the Endorsed Prayers... we can see how the actions of the Holy Spirit and our prayers are intricately interrelated. We see the two way communication. We ask for guidance and receive guidance. We also receive power to do what we could not do on our own. We see where power for obedience comes from. It comes through the Holy Spirit, by prayer. We can see what walking by the Spirit looks like. It is hearing and obeying our God who communicates within.


Fellowship With God in Prayer

The Endorsed Prayers are presented. Prayers for spiritual communication, spiritual needs, making disciples, praise, physical needs and etc. are presented from the scriptures. We see scriptural conditions for answered prayer. We find acrostics to help us remember the Endorsed Prayers, so we can engage victoriously in spiritual battle in any occasion. There are guides for leading prayer meetings and admonitions to each congregation to become a house of prayer.


Fellowship With God in Pain

In the scriptures learn why we suffer and how to respond scripturally to suffering. We learn that suffering is often God's will for us. We see that God may intend for us to suffer to the death... for the Gospel.


Fellowship with God in Paradise: The Seventh Path

We learn how God's children will rule the earth in the eternal state of the New Jerusalem. In the Seventh Path the definition of Fellowship with God will change. Until this chapter, Fellowship with God has been defined as a two way conversation in the spiritual realm, as we Follow Christ, bearing His yoke in the world. The definition will change in Paradise. In Paradise, the definition will include two way face to face conversations, as we reign under Christ forever, in the new earth. This is the Seventh Path: Paradise.


Fellowship With God in Bible Study Groups 

These chapters help readers to integrate spontaneous prayer into group Bible study... to foster corporate prayer, and bring about a great awakening.




The title to the book is expanded to "Fellowship with God in the Sixth Path ... for joy in his presence, hearing whispers of his will, pleasing him in every respect, following him wherever he goes, with every desire being granted, with no anxiety, in the world". 


The scriptures in this book have described this Fellowship with God in detail.  Every phrase in this expanded title was explained from the scriptures in subchapter 2.5, titled How Intimate Can This Fellowship Be?


This type of fellowship is attainable in this life.



Over fifty additional chapters have been added to supplement the seven chapters of the book, to deepen the relationship of the reader with God who is within. Eight are in the appendix. In the appendix is a link to "Odds and Ends", which provides an additional thirty-one chapters on topics like predestination, omnipotence, foreknowledge, fatalism, free will, eternal security and etc. Odds and Ends also provides a link to seventeen chapters on Biblical prophecy on topics like the second coming, 666, seven elements of rapture prophecy, "this generation will not pass away" and many difficulty subjects. The focus of the prophecy chapters is to illuminate the book of Revelation and Matthew 24. All of these fifty plus chapters are relevant to our walk with God in the now.


This seven minute summary of Fellowship With God in the Sixth Path is presented... so the reader can see how all the spiritual gears work together.

"bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ"
2 Corinthians 10:5

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