4.10  The Conversion Prayer Corridor: HOW SO

Many of the prayers from the subchapter "Endorsed Prayers for Making Disciples" reveal a prayer corridor. You could call it a corridor of authority. The prayers recognize that we are under authority, that God has the power to save souls and that we are His servants. I have arranged them in an acrostic. 

The acrostic is HOW SO

How do we pray for the salvation of the lost? The acrostic HOW SO answers this question.

Each of the five letters in the acrostic H.O.W. S.O. represents the main idea behind each of the five prayers.

H: Harvest.

O: Open

W: Words

S: Spread

O: One

Prayer Acrostic: HOW SO

H: Send workers into the harvest.

O: Open Doors for the word.

W: Give us words for sharing the Gospel.

S: Make your word spread rapidly.

O: Make us one.

All of these prayers were presented in subchapter 4.4 titled "Endorsed Prayers for Making Disciples". These prayers reveal a prayer corridor to conversion. They are also a prayer corridor  towards maturity in Christ. They may be prayed for both purposes. I will present the prayer corridor represented by the acrostic H.O.W. S.O. below. 

H: Prayer to Send Workers Into the Harvest

Before Jesus sent the disciples to preach the kingdom, He told them to ask the Lord of the harvest to send workers into the harvest. Then He sent them. They didn't send themselves. God is the sender. We ask under authority and go under authority. He chooses who to send, when to send them and what message to send through them. When I see a spiritual need in someone, I ask God to send a worker into that person's life to meet that need. I make the request as one under authority to the one who has the authority. See micro-subchapter 4.4a to review the scripture underlying this prayer.

O: Prayer to Open a Door for the Word

After God has sent a worker into the harvest, the next step is for God to open a door for the word. God creates opportunities for sharing the word as we ask God to open a door for the word. God is the one who opens the door. See micro-subchapter 4.4c to review the scripture underlying this prayer.

W: Prayer Requesting Words of the Gospel

After God sends a worker into the harvest and opens a door for the word, the next step is to share His word. It is His word that we are sharing, not our own words. We don't even choose our own words for sharing His word. We ask God to give us the words like Paul did. See micro-subchapter 4.4b to review the scripture underlying this prayer.

S: Prayer that God's Word Will Spread

After God has sent a worker into the harvest, opened a door for the word and given words to the worker to share, the worker shares scripture. Then the worker asks God to spread His word rapidly. This prayer is a request that the words of God which were shared would spread from person to person... and do so rapidly. God does this through His Spirit and in response to prayer. When we share God's living word with another person and pray that His word would spread rapidly, we are beginning a chain reaction that can reach around the world. See micro-chapter 4.4h to review the scripture underlying this prayer.

O: Prayer to Make Us One

This fifth and final prayer in the acrostic HOW SO, provides a sign to those who hear God's word through the first four prayers. In this prayer, we ask God to make us one, so the world will see and know that God sent Christ. Yes, by the workings of God's Spirit and grace, unbelievers can recognize a supernatural miracle in God's children. Unity is a supernatural miracle to one who lives in the domain of darkness. See micro-subchapter 4.4d to review the scripture underlying this prayer.


I will often pray HOW SO or parts of it as one continuous prayer. For example:

"Father, send workers into the harvest. Open a door for your word and give them words to share the gospel. Make your word spread rapidly. Make us one."

So, evangelism includes God in His sovereignty, by His power, mercy and love, drawing the lost to himself through His word and through His servants. By His grace, He allows us to participate in His divine actions to redeem mankind to himself.

As you pray the acrostic HOW SO, I believe that you will see God supernaturally answering those prayers in you. You will find yourself presenting scripture to believers and unbelievers... to the zealous and lukewarm.

Only God works wonders!

"Blessed be the LORD God, the God of Israel, Who alone works wonders" (Psalm 72:18).

Praise be to God, forever and ever! Amen!

"Pray therefore that the Lord of the harvest will send out laborers into his harvest"
Matthew 9:38

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