4.14  How to Lead a Prayer Meeting

Jesus said, 

"My house shall be called a house of prayer" 

Matthew 21:13

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I will repeat the scripture:

Jesus said, 

"My house shall be called a house of prayer" 

Matthew 21:13

Prayer is to be such an obvious part of the gathering of Christians that people will call that gathering "a house of prayer".

Prayer should be pervasive in our lives

Scripture tells us to pray "without ceasing... at all times... in everything... continually."  

What are the conditions for prayer to be effective? 

We are to ask with faith, without doubt, with proper motives, doing God's business, according to His will, while in fellowship with Him. These conditions were presented from the scriptures in subchapter 4.11, "Conditions for Effective Prayer."

Scriptural Prayer

One may ask... What kinds of Prayers can I pray so that God will say "yes"?  Well, scripture is always a part of prayer. Prayer that is inconsistent with scripture will not be honored by God. Many do not know how to pray because they do not know scripture. Many do not know the prayers which the apostles prayed.

So, we can offer prayers that God will say yes to... if we pray scriptural prayers. Here I will present three ways to pray scriptural prayers: 

  • Pray Large Sections of Scripture. 
  • Pray the Endorsed Prayers by Topic 
  • Pray Acrostics 

Pray Large Sections of Scripture

The Four Step Bible Study is presented in chapter 7. It has 5 subchapters.  The Four Step Bible Study moves participants by degrees, in a non-threatening way... to integrate silent prayer and voluntary audible prayer into Group Bible Study. The goal is to learn how to listen prayerfully, read scripture prayerfully and speak prayerfully. Then to live prayerfully... to pray through an entire book of the Bible, from beginning to end... to walk by the Spirit. 

Four Step Bible Study

This is not like any Bible Study you have ever attended. Every step is prayer. Go to chapter 7 to see the Weekly agenda, Leader's Guide, Lists of Endorsed Prayers and all other supplementary materials.  All of it is provided for free. 

Leaders simply provide attendees with a link to the agenda at the beginning of the meeting. Then you follow the Four Steps together from the agenda in subchapter 7.1. There is no need to print materials or hand outs. Everything is available online, through your phone. Supplementary materials are provided immediately below the Agenda for reference during or after the meeting.  

 Click Here to read the introduction to the Four Step Bible Study.

Pray Endorsed Prayers by Topic

I was praying one day and this question came to my mind. Am I praying a legitimate prayer? In other words, am I asking for something that God will grant? I spent time in the word daily, but had trouble remembering what scripture actually said about prayer.

So, I downloaded all the verses in the New Testament that used the words pray, prayed, praying or prayer. I categorized them and culled out the repeats. I ended up with a broad spectrum of topics that the apostles and Christ prayed about or instructed others to pray. Then I added some prayers from the Old Testament. I called them the "Endorsed Prayers".

I was surprised that the Endorsed Prayers were very different from the prayers which I typically prayed. The Endorsed Prayers changed my life.

The apostle Paul wrote "Be imitators of me, even as I also am of Christ." But, if we don't pray the prayers the apostles prayed, we certainly can't imitate the apostles. 

Five of the Endorsed Prayers come from Christ. Twenty-two are from the apostles and five from prophets. So, thirty-two Endorsed Prayers are presented in this book.

The Endorsed Prayers are prayers regarding knowledge of God's will, enlightened eyesight, revelation, power, strength, wisdom, love, unity, obedience, faith, forgiveness, words for witnessing, tranquility, intimacy with God, escape from temptation, forgiveness, praise, thanksgiving, salvation, opening doors for the Gospel, spreading God's word, enemies, rebuke, and mercy.

These thirty-two prayers are presented and explained, from the scriptures, in chapter 4. 

In your prayer meeting you can pray the Endorsed Prayers by category. 

The thirty-two prayers have been arranged into five categories, so you can choose the type of prayers that fit the purpose of your meeting. The five categories are shown below:

  • Endorsed Prayers for Spiritual Communication (subchapter 4.2)
  • Endorsed Prayers for Spiritual Needs  (subchapter 4.3)
  • Endorsed Prayers for Making Disciples  (subchapter 4.4)
  • Endorsed Prayers of Praise  (subchapter 4.5)
  • Endorsed Prayers for Physical Needs, Etc.  (subchapter 4.6)


1) Go to one of those subchapters. 

2) Text a link for that subchapter to the members of your prayer group. 

3) Pray the prayers in that subchapter. The scripture for each prayer is there in that page, along with explanations. 

Prayer Acrostics

Subchapter 4.8 presents five prayer acrostics. The last three present an easy way to remember the Endorsed Prayers.

They are: 





When you say all four of them together it makes a sentence that is also easy to remember. Kings follow Christ, the way and power. Go to subchapter 4.8 or click here to see them.

The all-important evangelical and disciple making prayer acrostics, PASS and HOW SO, are presented in subchapters 4.9 and 4.10 respectively. These prayers are the nuts and bolts of disciple making ministry.

The acronym WWW J CHRIST L P is an abbreviation for twenty eight of the workings of the Holy Spirit. It is presented in subchapter 3.6. Your group can go down the list offering praise and thanksgiving along with other requests.


1) Select an acrostic from subchapters 4.8, 4.9 or 4.10. 

2) Text a link for that subchapter to the members of your prayer group. 

3) Then go around the room praying each prayer in the acrostic for your selves, and others, by name if you wish. The scripture underlying each prayer is there in that page, along with explanations. 

Subchapter 4.8 also presents the Weekday Prayer Acrostic. It leads you to pray for a different people group each day of the week. But you can use it to pray for seven different people groups for any acrostic. 

Pray a prayer acrostic for: 

  • Church Leaders and Missionaries, 
  • Malicious enemies and persecutors, 
  • Unbelievers, 
  • Work, 
  • Thrones (Government, Rulers), 
  • Family and 
  • Saints (Believers).


1)  1 Thessalonians 5:17-18, Ephesians 6:18, Philippians 4:6 and Hebrews 13:15, as presented in subchapter 4.12. 

Through him, then, let's offer up a sacrifice of praise to God Psalm 50:23 continually, that is, the fruit of lips which proclaim allegiance to his name.
Hebrews 13:15

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