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now i Understand Matthew 24: this generation will not pass

Thanks for sharing your understanding (revelation) of Matthew 24. That understanding about "generation" is the ONLY one that satisfied me and put me at peace... finally. I have to actually teach on this matter! So I pray I will be able to impart the revelation God sent me by you! I PRAISE him and I thank you for praying over the decades!

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Understanding, purpose and peace have come to me through praying scripture.

Some years ago, I was frustrated by my poor performance as a follower of God. I had been a Child of God for some forty years. I had faith and was exerting much effort into growing closer to God. I memorized and studied scripture and read numerous Christian books. I had hundreds. But I was not growing in my faith. I was not becoming a better person. I concluded that God would not be pleased with me on judgement day.

So, I began to search for writings of those who had suffered for their faith. Was there something in their faith that was so precious and powerful, that they would never let go of it... even in intense persecution? Maybe such a person could guide me. 

After much reading, I settled on the book "Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ", written in 1685 by Jeanne Guyon. This book has had greater impact on my life than any other, except scripture. She spent many years in prison for writing it.

Before reading Guyon's book, I had approached the Bible as a source of knowledge. But Guyon approached scripture as a point of contact... a point of contact for Fellowship with God. Her approach tapped into power. Mine did not. 

Through many years, I compiled scriptures which prove this "fellowship with God". These scriptures are in this book. They are authoritative. They are life changing. That is why I am giving all of it to you, for free.

I am the author, Jim Phillips.

guidance for the Spiritual growth in africa kenya

Greetings in Jesus Name our Lord and savior the soon coming King. I am very much impressed to discover your ministry and your excellent teachings of Jesus Christ that you provide to your saints for effective and comprehensive Christian faith- based. And on behalf of our Bible study group I send a prayer request to consider us of receiving your teachings and welcoming you to visit us as well as conduct a seminar in our church here Africa Kenya when His right time. We are a small Bible study group that is interesting on spreading the truth from the Bible to unreached again do reach house to house to the widows and needy children also we raise 11 chickens as project that supports us to meet some of the needs of those we meet. We need a spiritual leader and guidance for the Spiritual growth as it is written in the Bible. We do meet and share the word of God from the Bible. Will be happy to read from you when the Lord our father allows you! Welcome!! God bless you, Isaac

This book came at a time I just wanted to be intimate with God, at a time I couldn't understand scripture and wondered why.... FROM CHIPO

Hello Jim Philip? You are a friend, a brother, a father and most importantly, I take you as what the Lord meant when he said that, "I will send a messenger to make a way before you". This book came at a time I just wanted to be intimate with God, at a time I couldn't understand scripture and wondered why..... For the law was given to us to tutor, to teach us, to bring us closer to God and not to make us righteous, the blood of Jesus through our faith cleanses.... I thank God for choosing me out of the World and sending me a messenger to lay a way before me... The highlights in this book have aided me in finding missing pieces. One has to humble themselves enough to realise that without God you are nothing, but "for him, through him and with him" we can do all things. To God be the Glory Hallelujah! 

I love the book

Grow in spiritual life. 

Evans A.

I was about to give up...

Today, I sit to write a thank you note to you, but more importantly to God, my Father, My Savior, and my Teacher and Guide. I have been pastoring for the past twenty-plus years. Yet, I always felt something was missing. I knew, what or Who was missing yet didn't know where to find the path to walk. I knew but didn't know. I desire to start afresh. I need fellowship true fellowship with my Creator. This book has opened my eyes, heart and being to the missing self which is realization of the Holy One is within me and desire to teach me and guide me in the Truth. I don't know how I came upon this book, but I know it was by God's plan for my life. I was just about to give up and give in. So, today, I praise and thank God for you and this book. I ask you to keep praying for me. Thank you, 

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